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Okay, we've had months of getting extra familiar with our living spaces...we know what needs fixing, what we're missing, and what we'd like to see our treasured sanctuary become.

Popular design show prices have us thinking a redesign is out of our reach, but we at Affordable Room Makeovers, know a stylish and comfortable room is accessible to us all, regardless of your income limitations.


Using our low budget system of recycling, re-purposing, and refurbishing, let's work together, so your place reflects the "now" you!

Low Budget Room Redesigns
for Everyday People


Life is constantly shifting, evolving and changing. Let's redesign your living space to reflect the present you, and fashion your home into the comfortable and welcoming refuge from the world you deserve.


Interior redesign

Working together, we redesign your room, by rearranging existing furniture and accessories in fresh ways. Includes organizing and an assessment of your rooms needs .


Working together, we organize and declutter every inch of your room. Freeing space and gaining clarity. Americans have so much stuff and it can begin to hinder our lives. Sometimes you just need a start-over. We know the prospect can be overwhelming, and a little help could be the difference. 


These one angle photos were taken in spaces just like yours.

Click to enlarge the before & after shots.

Handyman Repairs
Tired of that old wallpaper? Would a new paint job revive your tired room. Do your smoke detectors sound like a symphony concert? 
Stop putting off the small jobs that could enhance your home life.


Likely Candidates for a room redesign


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  • Those going through a life transition such as moving into a new location, a relationship change or loss. 

  • Those looking to refashion an existing space.

  • Singles who'd like to be able to invite someone in.

  • Elderly looking to downsize/purge.

  • Those whose layout is the same as it's always been.

  • Those overwhelmed by clutter and need organization.

  • You live in a rental property that you'd like to personalize, without causing any permanent changes. 

  • Home feels like it's being taken over by kids or pets? 

  • Those who'd like some help with Holiday decorating.

  • Could use the extra square footage, space and even extra income from purging.

Fact - In the USA, we've got extra "stuff" in our basements, garages, and closets full of goods that we can't or won't wear or use. We even pay storage fees to house our stuff!

What's your space like?

Call ARM for your Holiday Decor


  • Is all of your furniture pushed against the walls, with no cohesive layout?

  • Are all the walls in your house dull and blank?

  • Are you reminded of your ex and the past, every time you walk into the room?

  • Do you have to maneuver around your furniture and  things to walk thru the room?

  • Is the focal point (fireplace, fantastic view, TV) in your room blocked and uninteresting? 

  • Is your layout wasting square footage?

"It was historic. The Colorado State Senate had elected its first African American President, Senator Peter C. Groff. We had two weeks to set up his new office. As we planned the layout and "feel" of the new space he would occupy, we knew that it had to be special. I knew who to call - Sheryl Renee!

Sheryl hurried to the capitol building with tape measures. Within our two week timeline (and within our very limited budget) the President's Office was a place to behold!"

                                                  Khadija Haynes

"Sheryl is so awesome with her skills and tools. She can work wonders in a room. Every time I've moved, she's right there to help me decorate my new home, and hangs all of my pictures on my walls. She creates an illusion and makes beautiful wall hangings. She has helped decorate every room in my home."
Debra "Coco" Collins

Recycle . Redesign . Repurpose . Re-imagine . Remodel . Restoration  
Refurbish . Renewal . Renovate . Rebuild . Renew . Reuse . Recover

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