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When I was young, at least once a year I'd come home from school and every room in the house would be completely changed around. We didn't have the best, but my mother knew how to make the most of her Herculon couches and shabby chic pieces. It always felt magical to have a renewed living space, and it taught me that you could enhance a room with very little. I was 19 when I walked into my first Goodwill store. My destiny changed and I've never gone without since. Thrifting became my passion and hobby and the way
I affordably raised my family. My frugal shopping skills, great eye
for design & detail, earned me the name 'The Bargain Queen'.

As a professional entertainer and producer, I'm exposed to stunning homes, venues, and event design styles, which further fueled my makeover interests. I find it as challenging to enter a room without immediately accessing it, as I do passing up a yard sale! Traveling across the country, my family, friends, and peers have benefited from my reorganizing & redesigning. I love seeing the reactions to their revised living spaces so much, that I decided I should make it a career. I appeared on 9 news in a segment for Arc Thrift stores, and in 2015 was the props designer for 2 major Atlanta theatre production companies. In 2016, KUHS Denver launched my weekly talk radio show "Making a Way" which streamed successfully for a year. For the next two and 1/2 years, I managed a popular Denver event venue and used my skills and money-saving resources to help the owner renovate the business, both indoors and outdoors, and save up to 50% on sourced items. Flipping the event space for the various events, further fueled my interest in decor. I'm surrounded by an amazing team of contractors and I'm very handy with tools. During the COVID downtime, I proudly got my official certification as a professional organizer.

Bottom line, I love people, enjoy putting things in order, and am excited about my business. I'm good at sourcing low price and sale items, but my specialty and focus are on recycling gently used items and finding a use for things we already possess. Our planet is in trouble and overcrowded with our stuff, and I believe the answer is recycling. It's also important that low- to moderate-income Americans, like me, who watch beautiful home makeover shows, know that they too can afford to have a home they are proud to show off!

Sheryl Renee on Denver's 9 news for arc Thrift

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  • 25 Years Decorator Exp.


  • Professional Organizer

  • Event Designer

  • Theatre Props Designer


  • Seamstress

  • Handy Repair Skills & Tools

  • Quick Job Turnaround

Making a Way with
Bargain Queen Sheryl Renee


From January 2016 - January 2017,
SR Productions produced and hosted on KUHS Radio/TV Denver, Denver Colorado's #1 streaming radio station. 
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Pinterest, blogs, articles, youtube...
there is so much design information and great ideas out there! These are the makeover shows I'm currently obsessed with;

  • Home Town (HGTV)

  • Maine Cabin Masters (DIY)

  • Love It or List It (HGTV)

  • Fixer to Fabulous (HGTV)

  • Hoarders: Buried Alive (TLC)

  • Homestead Rescue (DISC)

  • Property/Brothers (HGTV)

  • Sell This House (DABL)

  • The Repair Shop (NTFX)

Segment on Denver's 9 News, for Arc Thrift Stores,
on how to clean and restore second hand items.

Giving Back...Holiday Design

A friend & client, named Sharon posted on Facebook that she was looking for Christmas ornament donations to decorate a local Ronald McDonald house for the holidays. I reached out and volunteered my design services.


With the help of Arc Thrift Store and some giving friends in the community, I gathered some fun festive pieces and came up with 6 different decor themes. 

A small group of dedicated volunteers took 3 hours to complete the job and it was a success! The ooh's and aww's from the returning families said it all!

Click here to learn more about RMH and the wonderful work they do to help families in crisis.


 A.R.M Disclaimer

  • We understand how personal it is to allow someone into your home, who will touch and move your things. We are not perfect, nor do we have perfect homes. We are not here to judge, but rather motivated to work towards the needed end result.

  • Our team is small, experienced, vetted and we are insured. We are not able to provide the mental support needed for someone who is an extreme hoarder, or a resistant participant, and will decide during our consultation and dealings if our collaboration is a good fit.

  • Someone must be present at all times during the redesign process. Working together will give us both peace of mind. Only you know the value and importance of your items.

  • Before & after photos/footage are important to grow our business, and we can use them without identifying our clients. There is no problem if you'd rather we not to share those images. We will respect your wishes.

  • Our personal safety is paramount for our team. Because we have to enter your space, we reserve the right to cancel any job where there is a negative or unsafe environment. As a client, you also have this right to cancel, if we agree that we're not a match. If the job has been started, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

  • Due to COVID 19, Masks and all safety precautions will be taken.