Sheryl Renee - Owner/Project Redesigner

I'm passionate about this business and surrounded by the best, who mentor and share their trade skills, to ensure we get it right.

I'm known as "The Bargain Queen", but I'm also a seasoned professional entertainer with a great eye for design and details.
The feast or famine nature of a freelance artist gave me ample opportunities to fine-tune the frugal lifestyle that I've honed to a
fine skill. Across the country, my family, friends, and peers have benefited from this hobby and passion, and I get immense pleasure from the reactions to their revised living spaces.

From January 2016 - January 2017,
SR Productions produced and hosted "Making a Way with Bargain Queen Sheryl Renee" on KUHS Radio/TV Denver, Denver Colorado's #1 streaming radio station. 

Chris Scott - Project Manager/ Consultant


How I Got The Redesign Bug
When I was young, at least yearly, I'd come home from school and the house would be completely redesigned. We didn't have the best, but my mother knew how to make the most of her Herculon couches and shabby chic pieces. Every room would be changed around, and it always felt magical to have a renewed home. It taught me that I could enhance something with very little. I was 19 when I walked into my first Goodwill store and that day changed my life. I've never gone without since. Along the way I adopted the name The Bargain Queen.


What is your experience level

My four decades of professional entertaining, exposed me to stunning homes, venues and event designers styles and I got hooked. I haven't been able to enter a room, without immediately accessing I'm either absorbing fabulous design ideas, or fantasizing about how I can enhance that space.

My family benefited from my frugal life skills, and I applied them to production and management opportunities. Now, access to the vast information highway, (YouTube, Pinterest and more) and a community of amazing designers and blogs, has taken my skills to the next level!
I became an event designer, and two 1/2-year management run and transformation of a popular Denver event venue, further validated my readiness to pursue redesign as a profession.



In 2016, I produced and hosted the KUHS Denver streaming radio program Making a Way w/ Bargain Queen Sheryl Renee, promoting "Low to No Cost"

  • Home and life improvement information

  • money saving ideas,

  • hacks, Do-it-Yourself

  • Inspiration & compelling human-interest pieces.


I'll plan to make the leap to television, with a show also entitled "Making a Way". The title comes from the Christian saying"God Will Make a Way, Out of No Way".

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 A.R.M Disclaimer

  • We understand how personal it is to allow someone into your home, to touch and move your things. We are not perfect, nor do we have perfect homes. We are not here to judge, but rather motivated to work towards the needed end result.

  • Our team is small, experienced, vetted and we are insured. We are not able to provide the mental support needed for someone who is a hoarder, or a resistant participant, and will decide during our consultation and dealings if our collaboration is a good fit.

  • Someone must be present at all times during the redesign process. Working together will give us both peace of mind. Only you know the value and importance of your items.

  • Before & after photos/footage is important for us and we can use them without identifying our clients. There is no problem if you choose not to share those images. We will respect your wishes.

  • Our personal safety is paramount for our team. Because we have to enter your space, we reserve the right to cancel ANY job where there is negative or unsafe environment. As a client you also have this right. If the job has been started, the 50% deposit is non refundable. 


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