Full Room Redesign

We breathe fresh air into your space, by rearranging existing furniture and your accessories in fresh ways. A full room redesign means that whatever you need to complete your room redesign, we source and bring in. You may need additional -

  • lighting

  • seating

  • storage

  • window coverings

  • artwork & accessories

  • or even batteries for that squawking smoke detector and more!


We source all items using the Affordable Room Makeovers system of recycling, thrifting, organization and shining.

Ask about our inclusive package prices.

*Painting and handy repairs available for an additional charge

* Contractor Referrals

Livingrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Dining rooms, Basements, Family Rooms, Laundry Rooms, She-Sheds & Man-Caves

Homes and Commercial Properties

  • Could your room use a new layout?

  • Are all the walls in your house blank?

  • Are you reminded of the past, every time you walk into the room?

  • Do you live in a rental property that you'd like to personalize, without causing any permanent changes?

  • Do you want to maximize your square footage?

  • Are you selling your home, and need expert staging?

  • Is your vacation rental in need of a tune-up?

Seven Day Move & Full Room Redesign Package Example


Single Woman / Move 

Job - Packing / Staging & Redesign / Low Budget Item Sourcing

My client got an upgrade from her small, fully furnished “lived-in” apartment of 9 years, to a beautiful, spacious, (empty) loft apartment. As soon as I saw it, I knew the gorgeous dark LVP woodgrain floors were really going to set off her desired design style, African Chic. 

First, we did an assessment of what she’d need, as the only furniture she was bringing were her mattresses. Then we went thrifting and paid a fraction of the retail price for really nice accessories and a comfy nearly new chair. Next came packing, purging, moving (she had movers), and my favorite part, staging!!
Working together, (with music softly playing) and with focused dedication, we put not only these rooms together, but her entire apartment. The client had all of the stunning African art pieces and mirrors shown in the photos, that were just waiting to be cleaned, dusted, and shown off.
ARM filled in all the missing pieces, from added furnishings, down to the new battery for her clock, and that is what I call - a full room makeover. Click here to see more redesign photos.

Sources - FB marketplace/Arc thrift/Goodwill/ARM Resources

Full Room Redesign Example 


Elderly Client / Fixed Income 

Job - Organization / Redesign / Low Budget Item Sourcing

This client was overwhelmed with decades of her and her family's accumulation. Her front room had become a "catchall" and she needed to purge. We reorganized & decluttered, and then she wanted to bring vibrant color into her home environment, so we
went to American Furniture Warehouse and found the teal seating. Sourcing online, I added the gently used seating, storage and pieces needed to finalize her full room redesign. She had the carpets cleaned, and was thrilled with her ARM makeover, which was completed in 3 days and within her limited budget!
(See texted testimony below) She loved it so much, I ended up redesigning 3 additional rooms in her home.


Sources - FB marketplace/Arc thrift/Goodwill/AFW

"You don't know what an injection you did for me, because I was going bonkers up in here, with the house how it was looking. I just love it when
I go through the living room and the dining room...it's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life.

(Name withheld for privacy)