For sure, we could load this website with a bunch of stock photos of perfect rooms, but I like to keep it real. These one-angle photos were taken from regular, lived-in spaces just like yours, and ours. We work with what you have and then bring in what you need!

"Sheryl is so awesome with her skills and tools. She can work wonders in a room. Every time I've moved, she's right there to help me decorate my new home, and hangs all of my pictures on my walls. She creates an illusion and makes beautiful wall hangings. She has helped decorate every room in my home."
                                                         Debra "Coco" Collins

"It was historic. The Colorado State Senate had elected its first African American President, Senator Peter C. Groff. We had two weeks to set up his new office. As we planned the layout and "feel" of the new space he would occupy, we knew that it had to be special. I knew who to call - Sheryl Renee! Sheryl hurried to the capitol building with tape measures. Within our two week timeline (and within our very limited budget) the President's Office was a place to behold!"

                                                               Khadija Haynes

Kitchen Renovation Before
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