Expert Thrifter / Decor Personal Shopper

Let me do the sourcing for you!
Furnishings and Accessories

So, you've had time to sit around and really check out your living spaces, but you may not have the time or desire to shop and find what you'd like to add to your room. That's where I come in!
If you're hip to and support recycling & reviving, I know I can save you 30% or more off of retail prices.


Sourcing begins with my hot spots (see icons below) for gently used, second-hand items. My treasure hunting map also includes;

  • Garage & Yard Sales

  • Estate Sales

  • Pawn Shops

  • Consignment Stores

We source the item, generate the sale, refurbish/inspect, and deliver it to you. Click here to start.

Looking to have your room made over? Click here for Full Room Redesign

How to get started

  • Email or call ARM and let us know what item(s) you need in your life.


  • We source the item and discuss design and price with you.

  • Once approved, you pay for the item and sourcing fee.

  • ARM will pick up, inspect, then deliver to you (install included if applicable)

These are my favorite treasure hunting grounds for home Improvement decor and saving money. Click the logos to be redirected to their sites.

"One Man's Trash... is Another Man's Treasure"