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I've got the Midas touch when it comes to finding what you need to complete your redesigned room, and I'll save you a ton.


Stop and look around your space...
Now, answer the following questions;


  • Because of a limited budget, are you living without simple items that would make you more productive and comfortable at home?

  • Is your home shopping time limited?


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Need an item for your home? 
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Fact - In the USA, we've got extra "stuff" in our basements, garages, and closets full of goods that we can't or won't wear or use. We even pay storage fees to house our stuff!

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Expert Thrifter  

Solution Motivated Resdesigns

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a few "Redesigns"examples: 

Client Example 1

Sharon - Elderly Widow / Fixed Income
Sharon wanted to create a home environment that allowed her to move on from her past and reflect her new lifestyle.
We redesigned her home, (which included some purging, cleaning and organization). We then purchased gently used items and accessories that really changed the feel of her space.

Store - Arc thrift
Added amount spent - $38

Client Example 2
Jackson - Single Male / Works 2 Jobs
Jackson wanted a home he could feel comfortable inviting friends over to. We redesigned Jackson's home, but he only had a few furniture pieces and was missing the items he needed to be comfortable and achieve his objective. Once we redesigned his space we plugged in the holes with items he needed, like sheets, pots & pans, a dresser, mirror and a comfortable living room chair and lighting. He was thrilled!

Source - Craigslist, Restore, Arc Thrift
Added amount Spent - 


"One Man's Trash... is Another Man's Treasure"

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