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Let me do the sourcing for you!

Trust me, I've earned my title, the Bargain Queen! 
I've got the Midas touch when it comes to finding what you need to complete your redesigned room, and I'll save you a ton of time and money, 
using my system of recycling, re-purposing, and remodeling to give you the room you've been craving.


Stop and look around your space...
Now, answer the following questions;


  • Because of a limited budget, are you living
    without simple items that would make you
    more productive and comfortable in your room?

  • Is your home shopping time limited?


If you answered yes, then give us a call. We source the item, generate the sale*, refurbish/inspect, and deliver it to you.
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"I need that item in my life!"

Specializing in gently used, second-hand items!

"One Man's Trash... is Another Man's Treasure"

"You don't know what an injection you did for me, because I was going bonkers up in here, with the house how it was looking. I just love it when I go through the livingroom and the's like a breath of fresh air." Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. Client 1

Solution Redesign
Client Example 1

Elderly Client / Fixed Income 
Job - Organization / Resdesign / Low Budget Sourcing

This client was overwhelmed with decades of an accumulation from her and her family. Her front room had become a "catchall". She needed to purge, organize and wanted to bring color into her home environment. Sourcing online, we found the added storage needed, had the carpets cleaned, and the redesigned by ARM.

Sources - FB marketplace/Arc thrift/Goodwill/AFW

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