Upgrade your short-term rental property!

The smallest updates to your vacation rental can increase your income, boost your bookings and lead to positive reviews!

Usually, people choose a short-term vacation rental over hotels, because of the "Home away from home" factor, with the household amenities, privacy, and the ability to cook. Just like at home, it's easy to walk by the dust, repairs, or upgrades needed with our properties, with the intention of getting to it later. Or perhaps you have a property that you'd like to turn into an STVR and reap the income from, but don't know how to begin the transformation.

That's where Affordable Room Makeovers steps in. With the
ARM Vaca ReVamp we work with what you have and bring in everything you need to complete a full room makeover. We address all of the small and often ignored jobs and upgrades each room needs... the ones you know about and the ones we spot during a detailed assessment. We enhance the job your cleaning service or handypersons are doing by bringing to the table - the creative eye of a home redesigner, the skill of a professional organizer & and the precision of a detailed cleaner. We 
rearrange existing furniture and introduce the home decor products and accessories your room needs. Our goal is to make your place comfortable and efficient, without costing you a lot!

We guarantee to save you money, by introducing discounted and gently used items that are sourced, inspected, refurbished, and delivered by ARM, as well as pulling items available from the ARM inventory of home decor products. If you've been thinking of enhancing your property's presentation, now is the time! 

Our one-day Vacation Rental ReVamp package includes

  • A professional redesigner and organizer

  • Staging

  • Decor Upgrades

  • Professional Organization

  • Deep Clean            

  • Most accessory products needed to complete a full room redesign, including (Lightbulbs, batteries, shower curtains, smoke detectors, linens, towels, silverware, lighting, etc...whatever your room needs!


Fast / Fabulous / Affordable
Our VRR package starts at just $300.
Contact us for more information! 

*Painting and handy repairs available for an additional charge

* Contractor Referrals

Certified. Insured. Vaccinated

We understand that you may have a limited budget. Catching and upgrading the little things can make a big difference in your presentation!